don’t flirt with me i’ll probably panic and kill you

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21.Jul.14 15 hours ago

Things I want to do before summer ends:

  • Go Camping.
  • Go to shows again (aka find friends who will actually go with me).
  • Branch out my friend group.
  • Go on some dates (aka not be afraid to talk to dudes, not be so shy).
  • Live at the Beach.
  • Hike.
  • Go to Bell’s/The Beer Exchange.
  • Just Drive.
  • Play some pick-up soccer.
  • Go Antiquing.
  • Get another piercing or two. 
  • Get into that Human Rights Class.
  • Research the Peace Corps.
  • Learn to cook some good vegetarian shiz
  • Golf (Putt-Putt will do).
  • Fish.
  • Explore G.Rap/Eastown on my own.
20.Jul.14 1 day ago